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A growing collection of resources for marketing and business development. Most of the technologies and services listed are free! We’re just getting started so check-back often!

Followerwonk – Analyze Twitter accounts to identify influencers, usage patterns, comparisons with other Twitter users and much more. Another nice feature is the ability to search Twitter bios.

Google Analytics and Google Webmaster – Preform analysis on your website traffic such as where your visitors come from, how they behave on your website and what keywords are driving traffic.

Keyhole – Hashtag campaign tracking by volume, influence, site, and much more.

Moz (Open Website Explorer) Website link analysis – good for researching how your competitors are getting traffic.

Piwik Open Source Analytics platform (self-hosted!) with user-centric insights and full data ownership.

SEO Site Check-up Provides a complete comparison with a competitor.

SumAll – Provides a dashboard of your Social Media accounts helping you to centrally monitor your audience activity and analyze change over time.

Blog Topic Generator (HubSpot) Great resource for when you find yourself  stumped!

Hemingway Editor Paste content into the app and you’ll get an analysis that highlights overly dense passages, unnecessary adverbs, and more. There is also a desktop version available for $10 (a good option if you don’t always have access to the web).

knowem – Helps you secure your brand (name) online. Using this site, you can instantly search 100s of popular social networks, domain names, and the entire USPTO Trademark Database to determine where you brand name is claimed or available. Manually claim it on each site or use Knowme’s service to secure it for you.

Portent – Title generator for your content.

BackLinkWatch A free backlink checker that provides the numbers of backlinks to your website or blog. There are upgrades available for information such as the quality of backlinks and the visitor stats on your site.

Google Webmaster Tools In addition to helping you identify backlinks, Webmaster Tools provides guidance for SEO and sitemaps. Note that this service is separate from the Google Analytics (not accessed from this same portal).

Open Site Explorer Powered by MOZ, this tool can be used to compare your link profile to that of your competitors. There is a free version (allows for a maximum of 3 searches for backlinks a day) as well as premium (unlimited search for backlinks along with diagnostic tools).

Site Map Generators – A comprehensive list of tools and resources produced by Google.

BuzzSomo Determine the Social Media platform that is best suited for a specific topic.

Checkster Offers a free service called Talent Check-up. Using this service, you solicit feedback from managers, coworkers and subordinates regarding ​your performance.

Echosec – Offers situational awareness. Search for tweets by location and time. Additional features available with the Pro version.

Keotag Search tagged blog posts across multiple blog search engines.

Garlik Garlik’s DataPatrol helps businesses and individuals take control of their personal information and protect themselves against identity theft and financial fraud.​

Rapleaf Offers rate and be-rated options for individuals and businesses. Additionally, businesses can share their client base and Rapleaf Social Media Screening will provide a report that shows percentage of your consumer base that are active on social media sites.​

Repvine Offers the ability to collect and share references along with a means for your network to collectively validate the references provided.​

ReputationDefender In addition to monitoring and managing your own reputation, this site enables you to monitor your children’s. The site also provides a service that controls what personal information is sold for marketing purposes.​

Trustoria – Search for executives by name, location, skills, and more.

TrustPlus View the reputation of others and build-up your own. Searches available for some of the most popular sites on the Web including craigslist, eBay, Facebook, and MySpace.

Sorry! A catch-all bucket for now!

DynamicDrive – Free Favicon generator.

findmeon Online profile management service that connects your identities across social networks, blogs & more! Rather than collapsing all of your network identities onto one site, FindMeOn helps you manage your circles of friends, family, colleagues and others… respecting the divisions of your real life online.

Google Alerts Create an “alert” which then emails you every time your name appears online. ​

ThemeDetector – Type in a domain name and this tool will tell the WordPress Theme used to create that site.

Yasni Search Search a person’s name (e.g. yours) and find news, photos, contact information, etc.​

YouTube While the site is widely used for entertainment, searching your name can uncover videos you have been tagged in.

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If you wish you had the the support of a copy editor but don’t have the resources, this will make your day! HemingwayApp is an awesome site that reviews your prose and provides instant feedback!

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