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Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

3 Amazingly Simple Steps to Monitor Your Reputation

It’s important to monitor and manage your online reputation (ORM). And the good news, is that you can address the basics for free!

1. Create a Google Alert for your name (or your company/brand). Discover new content as soon as it’s posted.

2. Take advantage of Yasni’s people search engine.

3. Claim your name on networking sites. Even if you aren’t an active user, claiming your name will help ensure you (person, brand, or company) are not confused with another.

If searching for your personal username, namechk is a great starting point (free). For a business, is a more thorough option (plans start at $189).

Be sure to check out our resources link for additional help with ORM. If you have questions or suggestions, please add a comment or submit privately through our Contact page.

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