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Beginner’s Guide to Reputation Management

Beginner's Guide to Reputation Management

There are numerous websites that offer you the opportunity to find and be found. Understanding your social footprint is a critical aspect of Online Reputation Management. I’ve started a resource link and in the meantime, am providing just one example along with tips for using it.

Featured Site & Tips: facesaerch (a Google tool).

  • Search for your name in quotes (for example: “Erika von Hoyer) and without quotes (Erika von Hoyer).
  • Evaluate the results. Not you? Mouse over pictures to see the name associated with the photo.
  • See personal photos? You may need to adjust your privacy settings on your Social Media accounts. This won’t immediately erase photos from being publicly available but it will begin the process that reduces the frequency and ease in which these associated photos will be found.
  • If you’re seeing photos you’ve shared through Facebook, change your privacy settings for all posts or, find the specific photo appearing on Facesaerch and change from “public” to “friends”.
  • You may notice photos of your “friends” and professional contacts – make sure you think about who connect with online since your contacts and their behaviors reflect on you.

It’s scary and empowering to discover the many ways the internet can be used to disseminate information or facilitate research. I’ve started a collection of resources including a category for Reputation Management. It will take quite some time for me to transfer my bookmarks (I have 100s!)

I’ve added a dozen or so as a starting point and will continue to populate as time permits. In the meantime, I welcome your feedback. If you would like to recommend sites or, have questions, please comment below.


Google Privacy Check

Google Privacy Check

Google Versus Your Privacy

Is there anything you can do to protect your privacy on Google? No, not entirely that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take time to understand what you are sharing.

For starters, it’s good practice to regularly conduct a check. You can do so here.

Through this link, you can control what Google-related content you are sharing with others. For example, your YouTube subscriptions, Liked videos, and playlists and the photos and contact info shared on Google+.

Oh, and don’t forget to adjust your ad settings on Google here.

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

3 Amazingly Simple Steps to Monitor Your Reputation

It’s important to monitor and manage your online reputation (ORM). And the good news, is that you can address the basics for free!

1. Create a Google Alert for your name (or your company/brand). Discover new content as soon as it’s posted.

2. Take advantage of Yasni’s people search engine.

3. Claim your name on networking sites. Even if you aren’t an active user, claiming your name will help ensure you (person, brand, or company) are not confused with another.

If searching for your personal username, namechk is a great starting point (free). For a business, is a more thorough option (plans start at $189).

Be sure to check out our resources link for additional help with ORM. If you have questions or suggestions, please add a comment or submit privately through our Contact page.

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